“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”
Marcel Proust


Small Group and Privates Classes

  • Yoga (restorative, chair yoga, beginner, Kripalu, vinyasa, gentle)
  • Meditation
  • Breath Work
  • Yoga Tune Up®
  • Yoga Therapy Ball Rolling

Corporate Wellness

Healthy lifestyle management  improves performance and reduces insurance costs. By investing in corporate yoga, wellness, and coaching programs you will see immediate results in efficiency, performance, health, and the well-being of your workforce. Contact me for more details about scheduling events, fairs, workshops and regular classes.

Yoga Tune Up® (YTU)

Yoga Tune Up® (YTU) is a conscious fitness therapy format built around the three P’s – Pain, Posture and Performance. It helps to eradicate pain, improve posture and enhance performance through a unique blend of yoga, corrective exercise, and self massage. It helps identify and address your “body blind spots,” which are the areas that are most overused, underused, misused, and abused. You can count on YTU exercises to heal damaged muscle, increase strength and establish healthy movement patterns to help you live better and feel great in your body. These techniques literally remodel your body from the inside out and have been recommended by top physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, and pain specialists around the world for one reason, because they work!

Yoga Therapy Ball Rolling

Put the power of self-massage into your own hands! Learn easy-to-perform self-massage techniques to eliminate pain and improve your performance in whatever activities you enjoy. Don’t let pain rob you of your concentration, power, and peace of mind and body any longer. Empower yourself with simple tools to maintain an effective self-care regimen that support your body’s health and maintenance.

Bridal Yoga

Want to make your wedding day or bachelorette party extra special? Bridal yoga is a great way to bring relaxation, ease, and lightness into your wedding day. Enjoy a heart warming or playful class with fun surprises sprinkled throughout to honor and celebrate the bride and/or groom.  Come together with your besties and/or your future spouse for an unforgettable experience!


“After our wedding, we and our family members each shared our highlights from the weekend.  One of my three was Adri’s yoga class.  I still get a lump in my throat and chills down my arms when I take myself back to those moments.  Adri created a soft, loving, calm atmosphere, which is just what I asked for and needed on the morning of my wedding day.  The most moving moment was at the end when she had everyone face me, rub their hands together with warmth and love, and shine their palms towards me, offering their support, love and light to me.  All I could do was put my hands over my heart, let the tears flow and soak it all in.  It was one of the most touching moments of my life, very much made so beautiful by Adri’s careful design of the class leading up to that moment and her loving, gentle spirit.  If you want to start your wedding day off on a relaxed, grounded note, filled with and surrounded by pure love, I totally recommend a class by Adri!
-Stephanie Kraemer


Wedding Blessing Ceremonies

Wedding Blessing Ceremonies are a powerful way to launch into the most magical and memorable day of your life.  Wedding Blessing Ceremonies can be held for the bride and groom as individuals or as a couple.  This sacred, non-religious ceremony is focused on bathing the bride and groom in love and showering their marriage with well wishes.

All too often weddings ends and the bride and groom never even had a chance to truly connect with loved ones who flew in from all over the world.  The Blessing Ceremony is an opportunity to bring together close friends and family and create a sacred space to slow down, be present, and express what you truly wish and feel about this person you love, who is about to embark on the beautiful journey of marriage.


“The Bridal Blessing that Adriana did for me on the morning of our wedding was so special and such a sweet way to start the day.  I felt so loved, celebrated and cherished by the most important women in my life and was able to go into my wedding day with a full and joyful heart.  Adriana conducted the ceremony with such a calm and loving presence that it allowed everyone else to open to that love as well.  I’m so grateful for that moment in my day, and so grateful to Adriana for helping to organize it and put it together for me, it was such a gift.”
– Elsie Storm

“The blessing ceremony Adriana led at my wedding was one of the most memorable experiences of the entire wedding.Iit was one of the best, most powerful, lovely, incredible parts of the whole week.  I cannot imagine the wedding without it.  It was a surprise, so that definitely added to it, but even if I knew it was coming, I would have loved it.  I mean, come on, a circle of love? At a wedding?  Receiving blessings from all your friends and family?  How could it get any better?  It was amazing.

Adriana did an amazing job of facilitating it.   She was super calm, everything flowed, she brought in a level of spirituality that was palpable and easy for everyone to get on board with, regardless of their spiritual affiliation.  It really was one of the best parts of my wedding that I always look back on fondly, and will for the rest of my life.  Everyone should have this experience of having Adriana facilitate a blessing ceremony for them.  What a gift!”
-Jonny Roman

“Adriana orchestrated a very intimate blessing ceremony with my closest family members and instantly became a highlight of my wedding day. With great eloquence in both Spanish and in English, she guided my family and me on a journey centered on past memories, shared love, and exploring the new nature of our relationship going forward. With Adri’s mastery in creating safe platforms for others, I was able to connect with my family on a level I had not experienced up until that time.  The thoughts and feelings expressed in this ceremony were insightful and genuine, a testament to Adri’s prompting abilities and tying things together in a seamless manner. Even with the high emotional gravity of an event such as this, Adri still found ways to make us laugh and feel included.

A moment that sticks out to me was how she timed when it was my grandmas turn to speak. Whether someone had told her or it’s obvious, she knew that by the time I would reach my abuelita, I would be in a deeply humbled state from the rest of the family and what transpired was just pure emotion. Things were very silent as my grandma and I stared quietly for a few moments but in a quick glance around my blessings circle, I could see everyone experiencing this same raw emotion, even Adri! It’s truly a gift how Adri makes everyone feel connected in the moment. I appreciate that about her.

My blessing ceremony was needed spiritual therapy for me, especially for the journey I was about to embark with the love of my life, and I am extremely grateful to Adri for volunteering her talent and energy to us.

Miles Gracias Adri!”
-Mundo Arrellano

“Adriana led a beautiful and touching blessing ceremony on the morning of my wedding with my closest female family members and friends. Adri communicated with the group ahead of time seamlessly about logistics such as time and location, and also to set expectations and tone for the ceremony so that all were on the same page. All I had to do was arrive and be welcomed into the warm and sacred space she created for me! In our several years of friendship, the quality I admire most about Adriana is the intentionality and love that she pours into everything she does, and my blessing ceremony was no exception.It’s difficult to describe Adri’s warmth, her peaceful energy and spirit, and how that impacted everyone in the group in such special ways. As the women around me shared their words of affirmation and hope for me and my marriage, I felt so many strong emotions, wavering from gratitude to joy to power and to awe. These emotions grounded me and I got to carry them with me throughout my wedding day, one of the best days of my life.”
– Elena Rivera


My Approach

My style is compassionate and inclusive and emphasizes posture alignment, breath, and self-observation without judgment. Through my teachings, I encourage people to explore their edge and discover their unique posture expressions through movement inquiries and posture options. I strive to empower people with tools for more conscious and skillful living and use meditation, breathing exercises, and self-inquiry as doorways into a deeper relationship with Self.

My Yoga Journey

I am a compassionate and warm-hearted yoga enthusiast who has a passion for inspiring others on their journey toward healing and self-discovery. I view yoga as a path to personal transformation and am deeply committed to making yoga accessible to diverse populations.

I began practicing yoga on and off in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered Ashtanga yoga, while living in the mystical Andes Mountains of Peru, my motherland, that I truly fell in love with the practice. It was in this space that my practice transformed from merely a form of exercise into what would become a continued journey of self-inquiry, mindfulness, healing, and transformation.

While living in Peru, I was working with rural communities for an international development and public health organization. Drawing from my own transformative experiences with yoga, I made it my goal to bring yoga to diverse and underserved communities upon moving back to the U.S. in 2012.

Soon after my return to the U.S., I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, after which I began offering community yoga classes at public libraries as well as to inner-city youth at the non-profit where I worked in Washington, DC. In 2015 I went on to complete my 300-hour teacher training at Tranquil Space Vinyasa Studio in D.C.  Filled with inspiration and a desire to serve, I went on  to complete a one-year fellowship at Kripalu’s School of Yoga, where I supported the coordination of 200-hr and 300-hr teacher trainings in addition to deepening my own practice as a teacher.

Since completing my service at Kripalu in 2016 I have been teaching classes and leading workshops in and around the Boston area. I am thrilled to announce that in October 2018 I will be leading my first retreat to Peru, bringing people back to the space where it all started for me (see the Peru tab for all the details).

I am sincerely grateful to my teachers—Coby Kozlowski, Jill Miller, Lorin Roche, and Kevin Waldorff—for all of the wisdom, guidance, and inspiration they have shared with me over the years.  Without their support and inspiration, I wouldn’t be who I am today.